confFlu installation

confFlu is a common configuration package for pythonFlu related development.
The most recent confFlu distribution can be found at

or downloaded from corresponding Git repo


For it's operation it requires GNU automake tools (tested with 1.9.6 and 1.10.2) to be installed in your environment.


The installation procedure for the confFlu consists of the following simple steps (it is not necessary to compile anything):

  • Start a new shell session to ensure a clear environment.
  • Go to the source directory:
cd <path to the sources>
  • Launch configure procidures:

Make sure that after each configuration step the "--- OK ---" message is printed in your console.

Installation check

A new file "bashrc" should appear in the source directory

Utility environment

Before one starts to use confFlu it is necessary to source the generated "bashrc" file