As part of pythonFlu project some of the referenced OpenFOAM C++ solvers were translated Python. The complete list of these translated solver and its compatibility matrix for the different OpenFOAM versions and forks are presented below :

Solver 1.7.1 1.7.0 1.6 1.6-ext 1.5 1.5-dev 1.4.1-dev
laplacianFlux x x x x
potentialFlux x x x x
scalarTransportFlux x x x x
rhoCentralFlux x x x
rhoPimpleFlux x x x x
rhoPisoFlux x x x x
rhoPorousMRFPimpleFlux x
rhoPorousSimpleFlux x x x x x x x
rhopSonicFlux x x
rhoSimpleFlux x x
rhoSonicFlux x x x
sonicFlux x x x x x x x
sonicLiquidFlux x x x x
sonicTurbFlux x x x
dnsFlux x
buoyantBoussinesqPisoFlux x x
buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFlux x x x x
buoyantPimpleFlux x
buoyantPisoFlux x x
buoyantSimpleFlux x x x x
buoyantSimpleRadiationFlux x x x x x x
chtMultiRegionFlux x x x x x x
boundaryFlux x x x x
channelFlux x x x x
icoFlux x x x x x x x
nonNewtonianIcoFlux x x x x
pimpleDyMFlux x x x x
pimpleFlux x x x x
pisoFlux x x x x
porousSimpleFlux x
shallowWaterFlux x x x x
simpleFlux x x x x x x x
compressibleInterFlux x
interDyMFlux x
interFlux x x x x
twoLiquidMixingFlux x
newStressedFlux x

Note : To install a solver from the list follow corresponding generic installation procedure